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1:24 Scale Hot Wheels Monster Jam Matchbox, Bigfoot, Customs, Misc Monster Truck Diecast Muscle Machines Monster Trucks

When I first started collecting Monster Jam trucks, my kids and I opened them all and played with them. We had 280 different loose trucks. In January 2013, I bought an entire collection from Jack and Glenda in Tennessee. There were 300 trucks from 2000 to 2007 and all were unopened. From that moment on, I had to repurchase all of the trucks we had opened. Now it has become only my passion (or curse) since my daughters have moved on to "bigger and better" things. Someone special in my life, Cristy, has really helped in organizing the trucks and building the display to show them off. I have now acquired almost the entire Monster Jam collection with the help of Ebay, Ebid, and a few members of MonsterTruckCollectors.net. A really big help for the newest trucks has been Floyd at Grandpa's Diecast. Please check out his link and let him know where you found it. If anyone has a truck that I need and are willing to sell, please email me.  I would like to thank you for looking at my collection. I have endeavored to create a complete list of Hot Wheels Monster Jam, Muscle Machines monster trucks, and other monster truck related items that have been produced. Enjoy.